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Wingspan Nesting Box

Wingspan Nesting Box

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The Nesting Box is an organizer/storage box for all Wingspan content and cards (sleeved or unsleeved). This modular box is designed for all past, present, and future content. It does not include any gameplay content, and it is prepackaged for shipping, so no other items can be added to an order containing a single Nesting Box.

The Nesting Box includes:

  • 1 dual-layered, individually numbered box (430x306x207mm fits, into Kallax shelves; 4.4 kg).*
  • top layer (removable cardboard tray): holds 7 rubber playmats (laid flat), 12 folded cardboard player mats, rulebooks, goal mats
  • middle layer (removable cardboard tray): includes 1 setup tray/lid, 3 food/egg trays, 1 dice tray, 1 card tray (fits sleeved cards), a long slot with separators for cards (fits sleeved cards), and room for the birdfeeder; plastic tray area is big enough for custom inserts previously purchased just for the Wingspan box
  • bottom layer: modular space for bird trays, plastic containers, and third-party accessories
  • cardboard dividers for various types of cards from current and future continents
  • 1 cardboard birdfeeder dice tower

*Please note that the art on the lid may not perfectly align with the art on the bottom. These are two separately printed components that are aligned to match as closely as possible, but some may be a millimeter out of alignment.

Please also note that some of the components shown in these photos are third party accessories, like the wooden food tokens made by Meeplesource.

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