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Uno Flex!

Uno Flex!

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UNO™ Flex Card Game is based on the UNO® Card Game players know and love, but with a flexible attitude. Special cards let players change a card color to make a match -- a Red 4 can become a Green 4 in one flex. Power Cards and Flex Action Cards add even more bends to the game! Perfect for families, parties and game nights, it makes a great gift for UNO® fans and card game lovers ages 7 years and up. Colors and decorations may vary.

UNO™ Card Game gets flexible with UNO™ Flex!
Game play mirrors the classic game, but with special twists, like Flex Cards that let players change a card's color.
The Power Card allows players to 'flex' a card and change its color -- if it has a green 'check'; a red 'X' means they have to wait.
Flex Draw Two forces every other player to draw one card; Flex Draw 4 lets the player choose which player has to draw 4 cards.
Flex Wild All Draw forces every other player to draw 2 cards, and Flex Skip skips ALL players.
Designed for 2 to 6 players ages 7 years and older with lots of twists and bends, UNO™ Flex is a fun game to bring together families and friends on game nights!

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