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MTG - Unfinity Draft Booster Box

MTG - Unfinity Draft Booster Box

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Perfect for a collector, or a fun game night of drafting, each Unfinity Draft Booster box comes with 36 Draft Booster packs.

Unfinity Draft Booster packs are designed for a fun and balanced limited experience. Black-border comes to Un-sets for the very first time! This set contains cards legal in Commander and other eternal formats, along with acorn-stamped cards made just for draft and casual play. Buckle up and blast off to Myra the Magnificent's Intergalactic Astrotorium of Fun!

Draft Booster Rarity Breakdown:

1 Rare or mythic
3 Uncommons
7 Commons
2 Attraction cards of any rarity
1 Full art basic land or borderless shock land
1 Sticker Sheet
1 Token or ad/tip card
Up to 1 foil card (any rarity, replaces 1 common card. Foil not guaranteed.)

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