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The Stygian Society The Tower Laboratory

The Stygian Society The Tower Laboratory

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The Tower Laboratory takes place in America during the early part of the 20th century. Four new heroes include the psychic, mechanic, electrical engineer, and chemist. Each has a new accompanying set of skills!

This expansion also includes two new mini-bosses, two new bosses (including the mad scientist), a bunch of new enemies, and lots more treasure!


4 hero mats
28 hero skill cards
10 purple cubes
1 cardboard hero party marker standee
2 boss mats
2 mini-boss maps
5 lower room cards
5 upper room cards
12 enemies
8 lower treasure cards
8 upper treasure cards
The Tower Laboratory short story by Elaine Cunningham
Kickstarter-exclusive mid-boss (Sand Golem)
Kickstarter-exclusive main boss (Ghost in the Machine)

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