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The Stygian Society The Cursed Library

The Stygian Society The Cursed Library

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In this expansion to The Stygian Society, the heroes are famous authors trying to fight their way through the Cursed Library in an attempt to defeat the villain who had brought the authors' vilest characters to life. As they progress through the library and defeat foes, they can recruit good characters using ink. These characters will fight on behalf of the heroes, but are just as susceptible to damage, so the heroes must fight wisely as they climb.


4 Authors, each having 1 Author Mat and 12 Special Cards (6 characters and 6 abilities)
4 Final Boss Mats
4 Mid Boss Mats
6 Lower Floor Cards
6 Upper Floor Cards
36 Book Cards (Double Sided). There are three for each floor, and each is double sided with a good guy on one side and a bad guy on the other
Additional Wooden Health Tokens
Wooden Ink Tokens
12 Status Cars (3 for each hero)

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