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The Army Painter: Gamemaster Character Starter RPG Set

The Army Painter: Gamemaster Character Starter RPG Set

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Nothing brings a Fantasy World more to life than the creatures that inhabit it. Playing with painted miniatures will level-up your whole role playing experience as it brings your adventure to life on the tabletop in front of you. This epic paint set contains not only a full party of 5 fantastic, highly detailed miniatures – it also includes a Starter Brush and 19 of the most essential colours you need plus 1 brush-on-primer (20 paints in total) to paint your party of heroes and heroines fighting the foul monsters, dragons, and evil creatures lurking in dark dungeons or above ground.


5 detailed snap-fit miniatures
19 × 12 ml Warpaints™
12 ml Brush-on Primer
Starter Brush
Painting guide

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