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Strike Force Agastus

Strike Force Agastus

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This force of 17 miniatures hits the battlefield with a relentless rain of punishing heavy fire. Accompanied by five Heavy Intercessors, there are 12 totally new models in Strike Force Agastus – an incredibly versatile Primaris Lieutenant, the close-combat focused Brutalis Dreadnought, and 10 Desolation Marines who can reap a heavy toll of infantry or hard targets.

Strike Force Agastus also contains a 16-page rules booklet with all the new datasheets, and two sets of Ultramarines Infantry Transfer Sheets, each with 279 separate decals.
he Brutalis Dreadnought is a powerful melee cousin of the Redemptor that can rip vehicles apart with shredding talons, or lay into foes with a pair of fists fitted with twin bolt rifles. The Desolation Squad can meanwhile arm themselves either with superfrag missiles for blasting infantry or superkrak missiles for busting tanks – with indirect-fire castellan launchers on the side.

The Lieutenant is one of the most versatile character kits to date, with a choice of cosmetic parts and plenty of wargear. He can tote a plasma pistol, heavy bolt pistol, or a bolt rifle with one of three configurations, all while swinging a power fist or a power sword… or just pointing very emphatically.

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