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Rallyman: DIRT - Rx

Rallyman: DIRT - Rx

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Rallycross is a closed track, mixed surface race that uses specially modified rally cars. Races are short but intense and combine a lot of the hallmarks of both circuit racing (high speed, head to head racing) and rally (drifts, jumps and crashes!) into one explosive event.

Of course, this makes it into the perfect base for a crossover between Rallyman: GT and Rallyman: DIRT!

A rallycross race uses the closed track and head to head mechanics found in Rallyman: GT but includes many features from Rallyman: DIRT including drifting, shortcuts and jumps! It also features a brand new car category: the RX!

RX includes 15 new tiles for you to use in Rallycross and normal rallies. However, with the rules included, all the tiles from GT, DIRT and all of their expansions become FULLY compatible so you can use GT and DIRT tiles not only in your rallycross events but also in your track and rally races too.

This expansion contains:

15 New track tiles
3 Arch Standees
LOADS of new Dashboards
3 Dice
And, of course, plenty of tokens.

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