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Pokémon TCG - Zeraora V Deck

Pokémon TCG - Zeraora V Deck

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A Lightning Storm Stirs—with Zeraora V!
Lightning crashes into your opponent’s Pokémon with an overwhelming attack from Zeraora V! Along with Luxray and Boltund, this electrifying Mythical Pokémon hits for huge damage so you can keep landing Knock Outs. Meanwhile, Heliolisk targets your opponent’s Bench, and Thundurus lets you quickly power up your team with help from Lady!

In this box, you’ll find:

1 ready-to-play 60-card deck
3 reference cards
1 rules booklet
Single-player playmat
Damage counters
1 large metallic coin
1 deck box
1 strategy sheet
1 code card to play this deck online
Deck List
Zeraora V ×1
Luxray ×2
Luxio ×3
Shinx ×4
Heliolisk ×2
Helioptile ×3
Boltund ×2
Yamper ×3
Thundurus ×1
Bug Catcher ×2
Escape Rope ×2
Evolution Incense ×2
Great Ball ×4
Gym Trainer ×2
Hop ×4
Lady ×1
Potion ×1
Shauna ×2
Sonia ×1
Lightning Energy ×18

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