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Pokémon - Surprise Attack Game Scorbunny

Pokémon - Surprise Attack Game Scorbunny

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Surprise Attack is the perfect opportunity to put your Pokémon Trainer skills to the test!

In this set you will find everything you need to start the battle: Pokéball Surprise Attack, 5 cm Pokémon figurines and six different attack discs to choose from!

The Surprise Attack game from the Pokémon series has simple rules and is very addictive!

Just select the Pokémon you want to fight and the Attack Disc, insert them into the Surprise Attack Pokéball, and press the button to make the Pokéball spin and reveal your Pokémon and its attack!

You can follow the 1-player training rules, or challenge your friends to play a Junior Pokémon Trainer game with them, or go straight to the next level and play a Senior Pokémon Trainer game!

You have to catch 'em all!

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