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Nostalgix TCG - Base Set Booster Pack

Nostalgix TCG - Base Set Booster Pack

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Nostalgix is the ultimate fusion of card games you grew up with, modernized with quality of life improvements and topped with delightful surprises of our own.

Its familiar structure makes it one of the easiest card games to learn. Nostalgix is both a new dimension of gameplay for TCG veterans and a gateway for brand new players who have never touched a card game before. In our thousands of demos at conventions, we’ve found that all players aged 6-60 learn our game in two turns.

Imagine this: Hero vs. Hero gameplay with two win conditions. Either defeat your opponent’s Hero, or 10 of their Fighters that can evolve and become more powerful over time. You can cast Spells and lay Surprise cards face-down, springing these traps to surprise your opponent. Attach Equipment cards to your Fighters or even your Hero and modify the Arena you’re playing in to turn the tide of battle. No gimmicks, just chaotic fun.

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