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Meta Zoo - Booster Pack

Meta Zoo - Booster Pack

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Welcome to MetaZoo, a trading card game like no other, where the world's most intriguing cryptids, known as Beasties, come to life. With an incredibly diverse collection of folklore from around the world, players will immerse themselves in an adventure filled with magic, mystery, and danger. Form contracts with powerful Beasties and enlist them to fight by your side as you journey beyond the Veil and discover the secrets of the world.

Are you ready to step beyond the Veil and experience the adventure of a lifetime? Collect powerful Beasties, form contracts, and join the adventure today in MetaZoo. Discover the wonders and terrors of a world filled with mystery and magic, and uncover the secrets that lie beyond the Veil.

Do you have what it takes to become a Master Caster?

MetaZoo™ is a Collectible Card Game with groundbreaking mechanics that break the 4th Wall. Choose where you play wisely, because your surroundings dictate how powerful your cards are! Cast Water Spells when it's raining to increase their effectiveness and partner Dark Beasties during nighttime to augment their power. A deck is only as powerful as it's Arena! Explore the Cryptid Nation!

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