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Llamageddon is an ultralight party game of communication and persuasion for 3-6 players who are trying to survive the impending alpacalypse.

The llama homeworld of Planet Fluffrica is in imminent danger—and it’s your job to select survivors to preserve its culture. A huge meteor will soon strike the planet, obliterating it, along with all the highly-evolved llamas who call it home. Well, all except the lucky few elected to board a huge spaceship and escape the coming alpacalypse. To win, you’ll need to convince the other players to vote for the unique llamas you’ve selected for the mission; feel free to use logic, flattery, promises, veiled threats, and any other persuasive technique at your disposal. Get your llamas on board, leverage their secret characteristics, secure the most Llama Points, and escape before the fiery end!

The objective of the game is to collect Llama Points by getting your chosen llamas onto the spaceship using your communication skills. The game is played in rounds which consist of the following phases: Nomination, Discussion, Voting, Boarding & Characteristics. If, during the Characteristics Phase, the ship becomes full, the game ends, and the player with the highest LP total wins.

-description from publisher

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