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Imperial Navy: Marauder Destroyers

Imperial Navy: Marauder Destroyers

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Sacrificing a portion of its bomb payload in favour of nosemounted autocannon and an increased complement of Hellstrike Missiles, the Marauder Destroyer specialises in lowlevel assaults on ground targets.

Unleash the fury of the Imperial Navy’s Marauder Destroyers with this set, which includes two of their number armed with a fearsome array of turrets for aerial defence.

The set includes

2x multipart plastic Imperial Navy Destroyer miniatures
2x Aeronautica Imperialis bases (Each base designates the model’s front, rear and side arcs as well as speed and altitude dials. Each base also includes a clear stand to connect the aircraft to the base.)
1x Marauder Destroyer transfer sheet

You will need a copy of the Rynn's World Air War Campaign Book to use these miniatures.

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