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Imperial Navy: Lighning Fighters

Imperial Navy: Lighning Fighters

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When rapid interceptors are scrambled to support bomber squadrons or counter air raids, the fast and agile Lightning and Lightning Strike Fighters are first to the fight. Armed with powerful lascannons or multilasers, they excel at sending enemy aircraft spiraling to their dooms far below the area of engagement.

This kit allows you to build both Lightning Strike Fighters, packing twin multilasers, and Lightning Fighters, armed with deadly twin lascannons. Lightning Strike Fighters are best suited for dealing with swarms of light aircraft, while Lighting Fighters are ideal for tailing ponderous bombers and heavy fighters. Both of them operate best in squadrons, and this box gives you six! The kit also includes a selection of hellstrike missiles and skystrike missiles with which to upgrade your miniatures.

The set includes

6 plastic Imperial Navy Lightning Strike Fighter miniatures (2 of which can be built as Lightning Fighters)
6 Aeronautica Imperialis bases (each of which designates the model’s front, rear and side arcs, speed and altitude dials, as well as a clear stand to connect the aircraft to the base)
1 Lightning Squadron transfer sheet

The rules for using these miniatures in games of Aeronautica Imperialis can be found in both Aeronautica Imperialis Skies of Fire and the Taros Air War Campaign Book.

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