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Grand Archive TCG: Fractured Crown- Booster Box

Grand Archive TCG: Fractured Crown- Booster Box

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The story of Cambria continues in Fractured Crown! Join the Grand Archive champions as they overcome challenging trials, uncover a sinister plot, and aempt to unite Aesa once again.

Fractured Crown is a supplemental expansion set, meant to accompany and bolster the strategies and designs in Dawn of Ashes. Explore 90 unique card designs to enhance and improve your deck-building!

FTC: Armaments is a sub-set of popular and staple Regalia from Dawn of Ashes, in a new rarity and unique foil treatment! You will see one of these special Armaments every 3 boxes. Additionally, CSRs can be found in every 15 boxes!

Total of 90 + 123 Foil Variation Card Types!

28x Common Card Types
18x Uncommon Card Types
21x Rare Card Types
16x Super Rare Card Types
7x Ultra Rare Card Types
7x Collector's Rare Card Types
26x FTCA Super Rare Card Types

20x Booster Packs
8x Cards in 1 Pack

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