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Grand Archive - Re:Collection

Grand Archive - Re:Collection

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Discover a new way to play Grand Archive TCG through the memories and recollection of Silvie or Tristan. Explore Silvie’s friendship with slimes of every color with Silvie, Slime Sovereign, and manipulate the shadows at your whim with Tristan, Shadowdancer!

Each Re:Collection features a magnetic storage box that contains:

  • Preconstructed 60-card main deck and 12-card material deck
  • Set of matching 100ct. Dragon Shield art sleeves
  • Set of cards completing the playsets for your preconstructed deck
  • Damage counter
  • Art dividers
  • Three Re:Collection Mercurial Heart booster packs (chance for Tristan, Shadowdancer CSR and Silvie, Slime Sovereign CSR instead of MRC1E CSRs/CURs)
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