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Organ Attack!

Organ Attack!

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  • The game contains 24 whimsically illustrated ORGAN cards and over 100 ATTACK cards.
  • The objective is simple - remove all of your opponents organs before they remove all of yours. Be the last player with any organ remaining and win the game!
  • Perfect for DOCTORS, NURSES, MEDICAL STUDENTS, anyone in the medical field or with an interest in anatomy.
  • Not sure what a pancreas is for? Learn that and so much more about the human body and the ailments that can affect them. Recommended by Mind Games from American MENSA, this game is both educational and fun!
  • Comes with a realistic mock medical journal for storing the cards.
  • Includes 48 just-for-fun stickers featuring the delightful organ art of The Awkward Yeti
  • Organ Attack is not only a family-friendly game but also acts as an educational card game. These card games are great gifts for 10 year old and funny games for adults. This is not one of your average medical games or medical trivia game, but a game for the whole family.
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