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Archdevil Geryon

Archdevil Geryon

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Geryon is locked in an endless struggle with Levistus for control of Stygia. The two have fought each other for centuries, each displacing the other innumerable times. Currently, Geryon occupies an odd position in the infernal hierarchy. Although Levistus still claims lordship over Stygia, he has been trapped in an enormous block of ice at the command of Asmodeus. For his part, Geryon marshals his followers and seeks to discover the means to replace his hated rival.

This new premium miniature features Geryon with his wings out and ready to do battle. He stands six inches tall and comes with a clear base.

Approximate Measurements:
Height: 80mm
Length: 60mm
Width: 155mm

1 Archdevil Geryon

Miniature is supplied pre-painted and pre-assembled.

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