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Soviet Kitchen Unleashed

Soviet Kitchen Unleashed

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You're a troop of Soviet field cooks cooperating to create meals out of barely available food supplies. Whatever you find at the front, you should consider putting it in the meat grinder! Isn't it more about the looks anyways? The sausage is not red enough? Some rusty nails will do! Your mush looks like vomit? Yellow sand will give it the right color!
But beware! Too much of the good will finish even the toughest Soviet stomach.

Soviet Kitchen Unleashed is a cooperative card game with app support about color mixing and poison management.
Each player contributes one ingredient from their hand to the ordered dish, scanning the ingredient card with the device's front camera. The virtual meat grinder mixes them all. To match the color of the ordered dish, the players need to discuss the colors and effects of their cards without showing them. If the result is close enough, the meal is accepted and the players earn rubles.
Unfortunately, some ingredients are toxic, some even radioactive. Mother Russia won't survive your toxic recipes unless you act strategically as to when to play which toxic item.
The app (for Android and iPhone devices) guides you through the story and the rules, so you don't even need to touch a rulebook!

Soviet Kitchen Unleashed includes two playing modes:
  • In story mode, you face 21 unique missions, each with its own introduction and challenge. Mission by mission, you unlock new card and make your way up to cooking for the Kremlin society and serving the KGB.
  • Challenge mode offers 4 different challenges from pure Survival to proper deck building. Compare your high scores online!
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