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Spanish ships were seen on the horizon. The Mexica people could not know what they were about to face, with this far more technologically advanced army, whipped into a fervor by faith in their foreign religion. However, they know the terrain better than anyone and can rely on the strength of their ancestral gods, who are severe in their nature but willing to support their people. Will you be able to change the course of history? Take your place at the head of the people of the city of Tenochtitlan commanded by Moctezuma and see if you can repel the invaders?

In this game you will have to collaborate to defend the city of Tenochtitlan from the foreign invaders. The Spanish troops will use everything in their power to destroy the various temples of the city in order to demoralize and conquer its people. Your job, on one hand, will be to manage your warriors and place them at the service of the great commander Moctezuma, while on the other hand, you will have to know how to best use your priests. Their sacrifices and prayers can reinforce the effect that the Mexican gods have on the game’s board.

—description from the publisher

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